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Cultural Heritage

Discover the rich tapestry of cultural heritage with National Trust Queensland. We honour First Nations' traditions, heritage and histories, along with the immigrant contributions that have beautifully moulded our multicultural society today.

Embracing diversity is at the core of the National Trust's mission in Queensland. Our commitment lies in authentically showcasing vibrant cultures and fascinating histories that enrich communities across the state.


Celebration of First Nations Cultures

Step into the vibrant world of the National Trust as we celebrate the rich tapestry of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures spanning from Currumbin to Cooktown. We pay our deepest respects to the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Queensland, acknowledging their stories, traditions, and living cultures that grace the many traditional lands and language groups.

Embracing the spirit of reconciliation, we're thrilled to share that our second reconciliation action plan is in its final stages. We're committed to showcasing the cultural significance of our heritage sites across the state, offering a true glimpse into the heart of Queensland's history.

At Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, immerse yourself in the daily Aboriginal dance and culture show, where the local Yugambeh peoples' profound connection with Country takes centre stage. The sanctuary also houses cultural learning sites, including a yarning circle, where tailored Aboriginal education programs cater to students of all levels.

And that's not all! Our newest property, Garima Conservation Reserve in Currumbin Valley, is being transformed into a First Nations Tourism venue. Stay tuned for exciting updates on the incredible programs being developed, designed to empower, and include the local First Nations community.

Heading north to Cooktown, the Cooktown Museum stands as a tribute to the local Indigenous communities. Experience the power of dual-narrative storytelling and truth-telling, uncovering the stories of colonisation and the profound first interactions between local Traditional Owners and Lt. Cook. The museum also showcases captivating artistic works by talented First Nations artists from the Hopevale Community Art Centre.

At National Trust Queensland, we believe in the cultural advocacy that connects us all, bridging the past with the present, and inspiring a future where diversity is celebrated and cherished.

Join us on this remarkable journey, where history comes alive, and traditions thrive.

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Celebration of Immigration

We also celebrate the rich immigrant history as we uncover the vibrant cultures and rich heritage brought to Queensland by people from far-off lands. Their tales of courage, traditions, and unique experiences have left an indelible mark on the shaping of our state.

In the 1870s, the Queensland goldfields beckoned German and Italian migrants, infusing the region with their lively culture and cherished traditions. Alongside them, Chinese immigrants sought their fortunes and pursued a better life on these golden shores.

A pivotal moment in history unfolded in 1888 when the Sisters of Mercy arrived from Ireland, finding themselves in the northern tropics of Cooktown. Amidst the extreme heat, they persevered in their heavy habits and built a convent that now stands as the iconic Cooktown Museum. Their dedication extended to setting up schools in towns like Cooktown and Atherton in Northern Queensland.
In Atherton, we pay homage to cultural traditions at our Chinese museum, the Hou Wang Temple.

We take immense pride in sharing the inspiring stories of these immigrants and the profound impact they've had on the cultural heritage of Queensland towns. Through these narratives, we're transported to a bygone era - a time that was simpler yet fraught with challenges, making us appreciate the progress we've achieved today.

Join us on this enthralling journey, where the past comes alive, and the echoes of diverse cultures resonate through the ages. Together, we celebrate the essence of Queensland's history, honouring the resilience and contributions of those who shaped our collective identity.


Reconciliation Action Plan

National Trust of Australia (Queensland) has a long-standing commitment to Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, peoples, cultures and histories, and is committed to building on existing relationships and creating further opportunities.

In 2018, we proudly completed our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), and now, we embark on an exciting journey with our second RAP. This new chapter allows us to further enhance our efforts and drive positive change, promoting understanding, respect, and collaboration.

National Trust of Australia (Queensland) believes it can play an important role in creating a future where communities can work together to celebrate their similarities and differences.

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Cultural Advocacy

At National Trust Queensland, we're passionate about cultural advocacy and community collaboration. Our partnership with the Cooktown community, together, we've been recognising the historical significance of Reconciliation Rocks in Australian history. Join us on this inspiring journey as we celebrate and honour our shared heritage!

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